Sunday, June 15, 2008


my 12 top friends

1. Nad
2. Kak Wanie
3. Fariha
4. Ika
5. Lia
6. Jay
7. Azlina
8. Darren
9. Ejat
10. Amin
11. Acap
12. Syaida

Are you friends with #1?

yes of course.

How long have you known #2?

sejak dilahirkan lagi.

Have you ever lived with #3?


How often do you talk to #4?


Is #5 single?

yeah maybe

Did you know #6 before MySpace?

mesti lah. dari sekolah rendah lagi.

Is #7 cute or pretty?

cute kot

Who is #8 dating?

should i answer this ques?

What do you think of #9?

gila sensitive

How did you meet #10?

sekolah la

When was the last time you saw #1?

masa hari terakhir dia kat kl, kat depan rumah nad (malam2)

Would you ever kiss #2?

never ever!

Say one nice thing about #3?


Have you ever been drunk with #5?

sorry saya tak pernah drunk. haha

When will you see #6 next?

tommorow; kat skola

Is #7 nice?

boleh lah. dia jahat sikit. haha

Is #8 funny?

hahaha. funny? boleh la

What is #9's favorite things?

girls, bola, dota

Have you ever been lost some where with #10?

yeah, dekat sg wang mase nak cr kedai poster2

When did you meet #11?

kat dalam kelas 4 kreatif! haha

Where does #12 live?

btho aku rase

Would #4 and #8 ever date?

wow, ika ngan darren? gila la weh. kalau dorg date mesti jd cite hotnye

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