Monday, December 28, 2009

Get ready for new year countdown

Get ready and be ready.

3 more days to celebrate new year's eve. I am so excited.

Aku excited gila ni sebab maybe tahun 2009 aku amat bosan tapi at least I've learned something. firstly I've learned how to communicate with new people around me, to be more independent, has respect to the seniors and i should be punctual all the time even when its time for me to eat. Damn! (orang kerja dining tu selalu marah aku datang lambat especially time breakfast. woi breakfast penting kot. bagi ah aku makan kejap, fuck off!)

Hostel life is not that bad. trust me. Its all about life and friendship.

Okay, my biggest priority for next year is facing the SPM exams. I'll be taking only 10 subjects and I gonna make it 10A+, insyaallah. pray for me. may god bless Jiga. =)

whats my mission?
aku tanak cerita sekarang, takut tak jadi jea. tak menangis aku nanti? Hahaha

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