Monday, December 13, 2010

Can't Help But Wait.

Hahahaha. Aku gelakkan saja gambar yang baru di-tag ni.

Sangat comel and memorable kot! I wont forget all this guys seriously. Thanks for cheer me up.. all the best in your future. No more hanging out like we used to be before this, talking craps all the time, no more joking around while doing experiments in lab and lots more coz we are all in a different track.

Hahaha. Tetiba rasa sebak pulak. Gosh, AKU DAH HABIS SEKOLAH LAH!

me and intan eating the best donut in the world, Big Apple.

with our class teacher aka chemistry teacher,cikgu kuza! gonna miss her!

with them. HAHAHAHA.

me with susu? nasib aku tak kantoi FLY la. haha


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NadRaH je wEh. said...

Pic last , JIGA COMEL SGT ! Haha