Monday, January 24, 2011


Today is my sister's birthday. Her 24th Birthday! All the best in everything that you do. I know you well, Nur Hazwani Hassan. You never give up at certain things. You cherish your life to the bits. I'm sorry if I've done something bad to you. yeah maybe sometimes I might be too harsh. too emo. too childish. Too bad, I can't control myself on that. Emotion sickness problem. All I want you to know is.. you are my best sister I ever had! I love you! I will always support you no matter what.

P/S : Dah 24 ni weh, bila aku nak merasa nasi minyak? bila lagi aku nak jadi wedding planner untuk kau? cepat-cepatlah cari si dia yang terbaik, yang sesuai dengan kau. Aku akan selalu support dengan pilihan kau. Follow your heart sis! Lots love!

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