Tuesday, January 11, 2011

He send me this and I....(dunno how to describe)

**It's kinda jiwang mood thingy. But I think I shud post this, maybe aku akan terdelete dalam phone. kau tau la aku ni macam mana kan? so untuk kenangan, i post this!

Love is something that you put your heart and soul in it. Where you are willing to sacrifice just a bout anything for love. To find a way to forgive and trusting each other. And for me, love is the girl named Haziqah Raihah, I found her a year ago and I was attracted to her. Too much thing we go thru together till I've fall in love with her. And yet still a lot of thing for us to face in this reality world. she's the drug I needed, the air that I breath. The way she talk, the way she smiles, the way she laugh is something I needed to have all the time. Always makes me smile! She is truly one of a kind. She'll have my heart forever. Cause without her, my life meant nothing. I might always make mistake, but she is just always find a way to forgive me. Loving her is something I cherish for the rest of my life. The journey I had with her is the best part in my life. She always be there with me thru everything. I just want her to be with me forever. She changes me 360 degrees. She influence me well. Never forget 10th of July 2010 is the beginning to a wonderful love story ever told. there's no ending for this.. but I'm tired typing. Hahaha!! Happy 6th month annvs, I love you.


NadRaH je wEh. said...

jiwang 100%
nice neway <3

Haziqah Raihah said...

Hahaha yeah aku da ckp da jiwang. tanak caya. hahaha thanks babe!