Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I just wake up from sleep. I had a good rest back then.

Wake up with his messages along with Esah's call makes me smile at that moment. Just missing both of them very much now! so much! Especially Aisyah, Syida, Nadrah, Wani, Sofee and Elle. They rock my world, I just miss those moments with them during SPM exams. We stayed up together, we study together, we ate together and not to forget always fighting for our rights and foods! We love foods. Everybody knows that. Haha. I had a good time with them, no doubt!

Oh yes, I watching My Sister's Keeper last night.

What can I said about the movie? It was really fantastic and awesome! Well done. One of the reasons coz I turn into tears. I can't control myself while watching how Cancer's patient deal with her life. It hurts and not easy for them but they also want to be just like us. live life like us. having good times with loved one like us. I cried when Katy (Cancer's Patient) told her mom that she's gonna be fine and will leave them for a while and just let her go to the place where she's belong to. Oh god, time tu I cover je,tahan menangis. Sumpah!

Moment to know each other.

They're dating. Its cute.

Going to Prom. And this is the last night for them. Taylor (in tuxedo) died after they are having good time and doing that thing together. At last, she found her true love then.

"If I don't have cancer, I would not found you."

Gosh :'(

Her sister - always support her..


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