Sunday, February 27, 2011


It's 3.27 AM now, but I'm still here. I'm a GHOST, yeah I know that. Hihi.

Havin' my hot coffee as usual (Kopi Kapal Api is the best ok and I'm trying not to drink any starbucks for now cause it can change my mood from a happy cute bear to a bitter old woman with a broken heart) Well, I really need time. I'm all broken, thanks!

I love the way you lie to me, Gaspard.

Nothing to do now actually, boring night, takde credit, no miracle happens instead. You called me again today but I refused not to pick up your call. I even can't hear your voice okay. Hmm for not being too lonely tonight, hahaha I decided to watch some videos on youtube. Sometimes I could cry, sometimes I get motivated and learn new things macam belajar basic bahasa Perancis (kononnya nak kahwin dengan orang France, honeymoon kat situ terus hehe) sometimes I could laugh like there's no more tomorrow, sometimes I even get too jealous with someone through videos - and yes It's youtube.

So last night, I was laughing like hell sampai mak aku bangun dari tidur marah-marah aku sebab bising sangat.. I admit that I might be too loud at that moment cause when one of my friend, Nadrah asked me to watch these videos, I mean vlog of him. I tried my best not to laugh at him, but dia yang buat aku rasa nak gelak tengok dia. Macam mana eh nak cakap? Okay fine, he is just an ordinary guy who loved this popular blogger so much, truly madly deeply in love la aku cakap. But hey, please don't post that kind of videos on youtube la beb, come on. there's so many ways to tell how you feel about her. Please be a man, please. Urgh

But after all, apa yang aku boleh cakap pasal kau la kan, hmm kau memang sangat berani meluahkan perasaan macam tu kat youtube. Kira semua orang tahu yang kau suka dia beb, so macam "Gila la mamat ni. Hebat doh" but still lawak okay bagi aku. lawak gila nak mati.

Yes yes yes, March movies on HBO sangat best okay. Tersangat best aku rasa. Petang tadi baru tengok iklan dia, so macam excited gila nak tengok nanti sementara tengah mengganggur ni kan, hehe. I love march so much, March is so me babe! Hehehe.

Hey btw, I'm on twitter now. so if korang ada twitter, tell me then okay. I will follow you and tweet you everyday, haha come on. I kinda addicted with it, macam best. Love!

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