Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just bored

I'm actually having my coffee now while writing this.. read some attractive blogs and all. As usual. Nothing interesting much for now, but time moves so fast. I should be ready then. Okay hmm saya rindu gila nak minum coffee yang dia buat special untuk saya, and end up with a smile. Gosh, I'm helpless when he smiles. Hehe. Haa awak tu, bila nak jumpa saya lagi? Geez.

So yeah I found this thru Tumblr. Rasa macam comel and best,so nak share la dengan korang kat sini.. Hehehe! :D


1. Make you smile when you’re down.
2. Gives you a kiss, even when friends are watching
3. Holds your hand in a perfect time
4. Be funny, but knows when he needs to be serious
5. Reacts so cutely when you hit him though it actually hurts
6. Stares at you when he thinks you didn’t notice it
7. Gets a little jealous sometimes, but knows he’s the only one you love
8. Waits for an hour just to spend 5 minutes with you..

But there's so many ways a great guy would do to you.

Relaks okay, haha.

P/S : Aku kena tidur awal hari ni, esok ada Kem Motivasi Cemerlang yaw!

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