Thursday, February 24, 2011

What hurts the most?

I'm done with all this. It was the saddest feeling I ever had in my entire life, like seriously man. Maybe cause this is my very first time to feel what love is all about. to have a great moment with a great person like him. Its such a great journey, don't you ever know that my lovely f? Too bad, I guess you're not.

Why don't you appreciate me as I love you more than anything else?
Why don't you just believe in me, believe in our love?
Why don't you just forget the past and keep moving on?
Why don't you feel like I feel about you?
Why don't you say those three words like you used to?
Why Gaspard? Why Barista? Why Archibald?
You know how I feel about you since the first day we met.

From hearing the sounds, like your voice, like when you sing those lovely songs to me every night.. like you always scream out load when your fav football team won for the game or maybe just a goal for the match. They sounded to tender. Now they kill me. they hurt me well. Killing me softly bit by bit. I don't want to hear anything anymore. I really gonna miss you. Really, so badly. Take care, lots of love!

P/S : You look so handsome today, I love to watch you while listening to the music. That was the last time I saw you,I guess and I still love you.

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