Friday, March 11, 2011

Conspiracy Against Me

I wanna . . .
  1. WORK.
  2. Walk and have a great talk with my friend in the park
  3. Go to my Baby Bruno's concert
  4. Drive to anywhere with a new car (together with great sport rim)
  5. Spend my time at the beach alone.
  6. Study computing or software engineering course
  7. Have my own classic Polaroid camera
  8. Blackberry Bold 9700
  9. Share my love towards art with anyone who loves art too!
  10. Go for a vacation with my gorgeous gediks friends
  11. Get good result for my SPM. I'm not expecting more A's.
. . . . but I guess you can't have everything.


I love . . .
  1. The new cover for my phone, Hot Pink doh!
  2. All my birthday presents. I really appreciate it.
  3. Guy who wears white. You looked great yesterday.
  4. The way you asked me that question.
  5. Skype-ing with Syaida Liyana every night.
  6. Anuar Zain's new single, Sedetik Lebih. Pergh, feel habis
  7. to read on Yuna Zarai's tweet about Qi.
  8. My family and friends!

Thanks much for this, Aisyah Za'aba. I love you lebih lah

Goodnight, toodles xx

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esahh :) said...

iloveyoutoo babe :)