Sunday, March 6, 2011

How do you feel?

"All that I'm after is a life full of laughter. As long as I'm laughing with you" - Life After You By Daughtry.

How do you feel when...

1. Your bf's ex keeps updating bout your current bf in public? twitter etc
2. You say something that you never think about it actually?
3. You failed your JPJ test? (I'm still in dilemma)
4. You had this chance but you can't make it right?
5. You get annoyed with this person that always talk shit with you?
6. People keep talking when the SPM's result will be announced?
7. You get what you want, but not what you need the most?
8. You don't have the chance to buy BB by your own money?
9. Your mom started to talk about your childhood time?
10. Your family smiled and laughed while you trying to make jokes?
11. You really want to confess about it, but there's no chance?
12. You get fight with someone who you really love?
13. You really miss someone who will never came back into your life?
14. Your mom always expected the best from you?
15. People arounds you try to changed you?

....................................................kur kur kurrr

I'm actually pointing all this to myself. No one else. I reflect back what I've done so far! 17 years 362 days - such a great journey I ever had, just like yours. Even how dark the hour, light will always shine through your life right? Just live and do life as you feel it is right and awesome bro! Toodles xx :-)

P/S: Don't play with the fire, Girl! You spoiled my night. Bravo to you!

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