Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Much March

It's March already.

Lots of important things will be happened on this month. Asyraf's Birthday on 3th. My beloved CES tutee, Syahdan's birthday is on 6th of March, my birthday on 9th. Woooooah, did I just mention my birthday is on 9th? I will be 18 soon, tak percaya okay hehe. And my twins on 9th are Ecah, Anisa, my ex head-captain student and my cousin, Mira. Thats why I love March so much. My favourite month of every year. Not to forget, my lovely junior, Aynn's 17th birthday is right after my birthday. Ada jodoh ni. Syaida's 18 birthday bash on 12th. And then... the moment of everything! My JPJ test on 15th March. Gosh tak sabar okay but at the same time cuak gila. My dad's birthday on 22th (If he's still here, I will celebrate his 55th together! hmm) Apa lagi eh? Oh yes, my TIKL's friend, Elliza Ishak's birthday on 23th, and SPM result will be announced at the same time. Last but not least, my ex-class partner, Syuhada's birthday on 30th march. This is like a reminder for me lah.

Semua dah ada dalam calender phone aku, jangan risau. Hehe. So thats the reason why am I so in love with March, why am I so excited when it comes to March, It's there. It's everything. Lots of important things will be happened, so I must get ready now. Let's cherish your March 2011 guys, toodles! xx

Who's with me now? Let's rock on!


Amira Ilyani said...

Oh I pieces I pieces!!! HAHA

Haziqah Hassan said...

Hahaha ye ke? Ok cool then, pieces gonna rock on! :D hahaha

Amira Ilyani said...

apesal tkde button like ni. HAHA thu lame =,=

Haziqah Hassan said...

Haha betul tu, blogspot kena upgrade kot.. sure ramai lagi ada blog. haha silly me! :P