Thursday, March 17, 2011


Dear Fans of Bruno Mars,

The overwhelming response in all his concerts worldwide has also happened here in Kuala Lumpur - tickets are sold out !

It is beyond the control of the organizers to add on seats as it has many regulatory matters that limits capacity. The artiste management and local organizers cannot even consider another show as the schedule in the global tour has no provision of time to stay on in Kuala Lumpur.

We are really sorry.

**I get this from CLICK THIS

P/S : Could I just say those four letters now? Menangis berdarah la aku malam ni. Serious putus harapan. Sumpah sedih gila. tak pernah rasa sedih macam ni. kalau boleh, I jumpa my baby bruno kat KLIA jela macam ney? At least I can see you in person kan sayang? Argh tidak! Tak dapat nak terima kenyataan bodoh ni. Urghhhh!

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