Saturday, April 30, 2011


I'm so stressed out about this thing, this little fucking thing. Opps did I just say that F word? Hahaha. Yes, I know you guys have the right to say anything you want, anything you think its the best way for your own good or mine? or whatever bullshit you've told me last few days. but please. when it comes to something related to my future thing, gimme chance to hold on. gimme chance to make a change in my life. Hello, it's my life, obviously. Do you ever want me to give a shit in your life? So, stop judging around la beb, what experiences you got when you say that thing is good, omg this thing will brings you happiness or success in your future.. too bad, you are just at my age!

So please, I dont even know what you wanna do in your future, or where you gonna continue your studies which is obviously you think that is the most 'awesome' place to study kan? Just go with it. And I don't really care how it takes.. I know what I'm doing now.

You are so screwed up! I'm done.

I'll be leaving tomorrow guys. Surely gonna miss my babes, my ex-classmates, my best adviser ever, Yuna Archibald, my monkeys, my bellamy, my archibald, my comfort bed, my lovely lappy and who read this. Hehehe :-) Goodbye sayangs :)

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امىرا ءلىانى said...

bestnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa dh sambung study!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!