Saturday, May 7, 2011


When the first time we met,
at your starbucks store.
you were wearing a cool cap, with the green apron.
and the cute little badge on your apron
then you said "Hello" to me
hahaha it was the best feeling ever!
you caught me in your eyes when we're talking.
at that moment, I only see you.

Then you started to text me,
you're not interested to call me all night long,
besides, I feel the same way too.
I just feel awkward and annoyed when I talk too much thru phone
that's the reason why I feel that you are something.
something that I really wanted to know more
something that brings happiness
something that related with my life.
and yes, it's you.

July '10, we finally made it
and I'm the luckiest girl to have you
the great journey has begun.
there's always ups and downs in life
and I try my best not to put my "ego" too much in it.
I just hate it when I see myself crying.
But in fact, you always be the shoulder for me to cry on.
and too bad, you always be the reason why I cry.
It's life, very unpredictable. Don't screwed it up!
You always be my baby


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