Monday, June 20, 2011


First time arrived at Ice Room, Bangi. Well, its more affordable than Tutti Frutti.

Then, we went to Putrajaya Funfair which cost 5 bucks for only one ride! one fucking ride only! cekik darah betul, but we had fun then. sangat,

Ni hari lain la, but we managed to watched "Green Lantern" at the first day of released. I guess, green lantern is the worst movie of the year, pppft. no offense guys!

Alololo, what a happy family hahaha

At KL. I miss KL somehow.

Bukti saya gaduh besar dengan dia, but still bole posing okay :D


esahh :) said...

tahniah lahh buat saya jeles :) -___-

Haziqah Hassan said...

manede apa2 yang menjeleskan hadoi