Thursday, August 18, 2011


I'm still here.

Everyone is sleeping now. I'm all alone. Try to read some slides on computing skills..but it's killing me every bits so I decided to read 'something'.

I almost turn to tears while reading Yuna's new post, almost, but still cover macho lah. Hehehe. Aku dapat rasa apa dia rasa sebab aku pernah mengalaminya. Its really hurt, deeply, badly. And lagu tu sangat legend okay. I know you can deal with it Yuna. I'll always be there for you if you need me :-)

I wish you were here, Archibald.

Watch you sleeping like a baby while I'm talking you.
Watch you eating like you never see foods for 100 days!
Hear you singing like you had a great voice!
Listen what you trying to say, even it makes me annoyed!

Okay, I'm done. Gotta grab some foods for sahur. Selamat bersahur semuanya. Good luck and all the best for computing skills paper tomorrow. 3 more papers to go. I cant wait any longer than this! gosh!

Not to forget, I love you so much.

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