Sunday, August 14, 2011


Semalam saya dan bestie saya, Yuna bajet nak berbuka di D'one Steak sebab dia nak minum satu air kegemaran dia tu. Aku just ikut flow je. Tapi masa tak menyebelahi kami, semua meja dah fully booked. Wow restoran tu pun fully book??!! WTF!

So we decided to buy mcd drive thru and berbuka di Petrol Pump. (Kesian...I'm sorry!) Then, we heading to Mines. Searching for new lappy. Yuna with his new sandals. I just can't control myself when it comes to gadget thingy, especially lappy. Finally, I managed to own Dell.






At the same fucking time.

Because yes, my finals start tomorrow. English gonna be the first paper and ends with Physics. Gosh. Good luck and all the best to my classmates and all uniten-ians. Amin.

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