Friday, August 26, 2011

For the First Time

First Car: Bellamy, I love you bellamy.

First Kiss: :-)

First Date: Dengan seseorang yang aku sangat benci pada mulanya *malu*

First School: Convent Peel Road, KL

First Mobile: Nokia kecik tanpa color dan sangat comel.

First Vacation: Family kat Pangkor. Kalau kengkawan kat kelantan.

First Award: 2nd prize for coloring contest.

First Computer: Laptop HP yang sangat besar screennya! Hehehe!

I love this song so much. It reminds me of everything. Every morning I would take my phone on ma bed and play this song to starts my day, like seriously aku tak tipu. Even my roommate boleh hafal lagu ni sebab hari-hari aku pasang before I get up from bed, nyanyi sambil mandi, before I go to class.. hmmm when I was driving and all. You know, I'm addicted to it. very addicted. who cares aite. fyi i've uploaded this video and save it in my phone. I am a psycho, oooo yeah! hahaha

Just wake me up when The Script comes here okay?

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