Wednesday, August 10, 2011


  • Love is like cappuccino. You have to drink it slowly, while it mixing up with hot milk and expresso. It gave you a good taste that makes you feel every drink has a great moment, you just want to feel every bits of it.

  • Girls will never show how she feels at that particular moment. She just needs somebody to figure out how well she able to keep that feeling alone

  • Life is not only a straight journey, we have to stopby along the way so that we can explore the new part that you don't even realize to do and to think about it. The more we explore, the more we know how life gets hard.
  • We always wanted to have a love story just like in movies. But at the end, we realize that random moments bring us much more happiness. Coz we don't know how it started, when and where it will happen and how its ended up, just like a game plan.

  • There's no one will help you on how to deal with life, except you. You are the only strength. All actions rely on what you think. Just live your life to the fullest,in your own way obviously.

Sorry kalau banyak salah grammar, I'm still in process of learning. Hihi. Off to bed now, need to study with my "boyfriend" at 10 AM today. Geez, I wanna die now. Finalz really makes me sick!

Not to forget, I love you Archibald.

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