Saturday, August 27, 2011

Trismester 1

Trismester 1 - DONE! 2 trismester to go before I take my degree. Itu pun kalau takde fail subject. Hihi. Hopefully tak fail lah. Cuak gila sekarang tunggu results.

Its been a week of my lifeless experiences at home.

I miss Uniten fellas, Bangi, Ilmu, Zolman, like seriously. Awgod.

My first class for calculus. Pn Halena was awesome okay!

My lab partners with the lab instructor, Rika.

@COE Food Court. Murah okay makan kat sini!

Baju kurung day!

while waiting for the next class, I usually brought pepsi can which only costs me 1 bucks!

When Einstein's and Newton's blood flowing in my veins.

Some of my classmates.

Lab report is such an ASS!

English writing academy is the most toughest part for me. Aku surrender!
Sangat susah, thumbs up for those who taking TESL! (Y)

Camera vain!

Bila datang class lambat, kena duduk sorang2 lah. sedih!

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