Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lost in you.

"But not wise words gonna stop the bleeding" - Breakeven - The Script.

There's so many things I wish I wouldn't do, but too bad.. I did. I guess you were right. I have issues with my own self which hardly to predict how its going to be in the end and I'm glad you were there when I was down. but the thing is.. we just got the right love at the wrong time.. I can't even say a word and clarify to that point. Am I too hard searching something for nothing?

Hmmm how really missed I am when you always sing our favorite songs (mostly from The Script) to me. I wonder you were listening to our favorite songs now. I wonder you think about things to say every morning to wake me up. I wonder how lovely you are when you served me your favorite coffee. I'm falling to pieces now, deeply and terribly. Empty.

No matter how far we left, this feeling won't changed. So do I. I'm sorry :(

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