Thursday, November 10, 2011


Can't help falling in love with you - Ingrid Michaelson #nowplaying

Dear love,

Happy 1 Year 4 Months you! OMG sudah jauh juga perjalanan kita ni eh? :') I hope you always remembered those words I said to you every morning while waking you up and before I went to sleep coz it means a lot to me. A LOT okay. Its very suck and sad to know when we are actually too busy with our own works instead of spending more quality time together.. But it's okay, it teach us to be more matured in this matter. Just don't ever give up on this, don't ever give up on me. I love you more than anything else.

And yes, I do love you MFI. Happy 1 Year and 4 months once again :)

P/S : I can't wait for BREAKING DAWN and LIKE CRAZY! onom nom nom ommm nom

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