Sunday, November 20, 2011

I don't know where am I now.

Pressure is everywhere!

I can feel the pressure ALL AROUND ME now. Hmmmm

I've just done with my Muet Test this morning.. It was the most terrible essay I've ever done in my whole entire life. Memanglah, berapa bulan pulak aku tak buat essay ni kan? and I was really sleepy at that time where I can't hardly find a word to elaborate my statements. VERY SLEEPY.

And the most annoying part for today is listening test. It's a piece of shit! Aku tak tahu la aku yang bermasalah ke, aku yang pekak ke, sound system rosak ke, speaker punya english pelik bebeno ke, sampai aku macam tension gila dengar dia cakap. Macam nak hentak-hentak je radio tu suruh dia speaking biasa-biasa je tanpa slang or any accent yang pelik-pelik tu. Do speak like Malaysian people get used to la which I can understand every words that came out from the speaker easily. Haih.

After all, aku dah habis muet OKAY.

Tapi minggu depan terlebih busy dengan quiz physics and calculus. Next weeknya, ada test chemistry, then next two weeks, I have to sit for my 2nd calculus test. What a busy month this year! SUPER BUSY! November ni memang busy gila sampai satu tahap tu aku rasa macam nak tidur 24 hours for one fucking day due to the tiredness which always annoyed me all the time!

I just want to.... sleeeep... sleeeeeeeep ZzzzZzzZZZzz

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