Thursday, November 17, 2011

Your future, your destiny.

Take a moment.

Close your eyes. Forget all the problems and pains. Clear your mind now. Just think what actually you want for your life, what changes you wanna make along this journey, what's your priority living this life?


At one time, have you ever think about your future after what you've been sacrifice too much for your studies or work stuff? Have you ever wanted your future life would be great as others?

What are you going to be?
What opportunity will you grab and work on it?
Where are you gonna live?
Who's your life partner?
How many kids you wanna have?
Where are you going to have your perfect vacation?

Yes, in this meantime, kita mesti rasa macam pelik kan kenapa nak kena fikir benda ni semua? banyak lagi benda kena settle weh, long way to go. Kan? tapi sebenarnya kita memang kena fikirkan benda ni sikit-sikit, so that kita dapat gambaran apa yang kita nak, apa yang kita mahukan dalam menjalani kehidupan ni. If kita ikut flow je, there's no point of living la macamtu kan? At least.. You should think about your own future, not others' perception on you.

Note to myself and whoever read this.. Stop judging other people, when you do that, you are actually refering to yourself, not them. You got issues with your own shadow guys! BOOHA!

Renung-renungkanlah. Assalamualaikum!

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