Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Random Question.

"Why you choose me at the first place eh?"

"Because how much you show interest in me, on how you accepting me the way I am, on how you loved me. Because I choose you to be with me.. To be my love."

"Oh okay, thanks for loving me, till now and forever, InsyaAllah"

"Hey what's wrong? Are you okay there?"

"You there???"

ZzZzZ. Sleep mood is ON! Hahaha.

But you know how much I love you aite? Kita dah kawan 3 tahun, apa perlu ku katakan disini... Awak merupakan persinggahan yang paling indah sepanjang perjalanan hidup ini. Pendek kata, terima kasih atas segalanya. I love you so much!

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