Wednesday, August 1, 2012

End of July.. So August,here we go.

Eh dah lama gila tak update blog.. Rindu pula rasanya.

So well.. July turns so bad this year. My life is full of hard bits, stressful month I ever had! But in between the hard bits, there are some lovelybits with my loved ones. 

Hmmm what I can say is that... Being a degree student was really tough to commit with. The subjects are getting harder, harder and harder. All you have to do is stay focus in the class, but.. me lost already. Hahaha too bad. Yang penting sekarang, I learnt from my mistakes, and dah berjanji takkan mengulangi kesalahan2 kecil sebegitu lagi.. Tinggal finals penentu segalanya. Doakan saya bertahan. Amin :)

Well, saya dan MFI dah 2 tahun juga this month.

So, hello august! Please be nice to me. Love you all x

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