Thursday, March 28, 2013

MMU Campusfest 2013

So today I went to MMU just to see my besties, Nadia perform with her band called "renegade".. Yeah, she's in a band now. My bestie is a rockstar dah sekarang ni hehehe jangan lupa aku okay bila dah popular nanti! LOL!

Since Fizry cannot teman me tonight, I went there alone.

But Aqilah's boyfie bagi ticket free. So takde hal la kan? Just nak havin' fun je pun kat situ.

Hahaha great performance Nad! So proud of youuuu! Guitar kau serious cantik gila. Love it!

Woot woot!


Bassist from Couple band. Comel kannnn? Teehee 


Oh yeah, OAG perform best gila!!!! Rindunya OAG.

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